I'm Alexis

I used to be the biggest pile of garbage. Complete trash. In college my friends used to call me the "Queen Degenerate". I ate terrible. I partied too much. I never got enough sleep. And I lazy'd my way out of every situation.


I never reached a very heavy weight, but what I lacked in size I made up for in discomfort and extreme exhaustion. Then one day I had had enough. I was sick of my clothes never fitting right and my mind being in a perpetual haze. So I bought a workout/nutrition guide and went to work.


I went from little to no physical activity, to regular cardio and high intensity training through the program. I dropped weight quickly combining the exercise with a diet of balanced macros (40% protein, 40% carbs, 20% fat). From there, I became so enthralled by fitness and weight lifting - I became strong and confident. My clothes fit, I had more energy, and I truly loved how I felt about myself for the first time in my entire life.


But then I hit a plateau after a few years that left me feeling completely lost. I thought I had it figured out up until that point - work out regularly and eat low-fat, balanced meals. But no matter how much I worked out and "ate clean", my body wasn't happy. I couldn't lose fat, I was exhausted once again, and I began to experience persistent anxiety and mood swings.


One day - I met a guy from LA who loudly exclaimed "OMG I can't wait to eat I haven't had any carbs in a month." First reaction was annoyance - another person bragging about not eating carbs. Shocking. From the perspective of a weight trainer, who is always taught that carbohydrates are necessary, I took this as a personal attack, which seems silly, I know. At the time, I felt compelled to give my ill-informed, two cents - "SIR, you NEED carbs!"


He replied, politely, "I know right?! We have always been taught that! But it turns out, we don't . Not like we think, at least" Then he referred me to Dr. Joseph Mercola's book, "Fat for Fuel"


This is how I learned about keto. This is when I began to understand how your gut health dictates your overall health. I learned that the solution to my physical and emotional problems could be solved with food, and conversely, food could be/is the reason they exist. It became clear to me that the root cause of my problems was a diet made up of primarily carbohydrates.


This was 2017. And here we are now.


Ketogenic living has become my passion - my calling. To this day I continue to research and test keto on myself - pushing it to its limits with the utmost excitement because in just one month of strict keto living, I achieved what I thought was impossible - emotional and physical bliss. Although the physical transformation was staggering, the results transcended the physical - I had a clear mind and a happy heart. I had finally taken full control of my health and learned how to heal my body and mind through food.


Now, I am proud of what I have overcome and continue to accomplish. Proud of the emotional and physical strength I have achieved. And now I'm able to guide women and men to success on their own nutrition and fitness journeys and nothing could make me happier.


What sets me apart from most Ketogenic coaches out there? I’m transparent about everything - nutrition, exercise, emotions, life. While you embark on your ketogenic journey, I will continue to navigate my own – and an imperfect one at that. I use my platforms like Instagram and Facebook daily to show my followers and clients what it is like to lead a ketogenic lifestyle – which includes both the ups and the downs. This adds an element of authenticity to my work that I believe is severely lacking on social media and other coaching sites as a whole. I share with you my slip ups and successes because both should be learned from and celebrated.


Is Ketogenic living daunting? YES DUH. But that is why I am here. Don't let the idea of you "failing" deter you from starting something good. Make today about you and your health and happiness. If you let me coach you along this journey, I promise to be there every step of the way.



Top: January, 2015 - start of my fitness journey 

Bottom: February, 2018 - completion of my first month of keto