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"Alexis is transparent about her own Keto journey and is genuinely excited about sharing what she has learned. Her [Instagram] content and constant willingness to give information also shows how much time and research she has put in. [After being coached by Alexis] within a few days I noticed a significant reduction in bloat as well as pain after meals, which I usually experienced. After a few weeks my anxiety subsided, I was sleeping better, and I quickly dropped weight and kept it off! My energy was up and for the first time in years I didn’t feel trapped by stomach pains."

Brianna Sharp

"She's done more for than she'll ever know. She's broken down things in a way that I can understand - it  silences the ridiculous thoughts in my head and has improved my relationship with food. And the memes…the MEMES. She is truly a gem."


Natalie Smith


Natalie Smith

"Alexis has been so crucial in my keto journey. She has a wealth of information and can help you start along your journey too! I knew virtually nothing about keto prior, and with Alexis's help I learned why and how keto could work for me. For years I struggled to lose stubborn fat and she helped me achieve my particular goals."


Gabriela Montiel